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What to Look for as You Decide the Best Roofing Company

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We get it. There are a lot of roofing companies you can choose between to get your roof inspected, repaired, or replaced. So we put together a list of items homeowners need to take into consideration when choosing the right company for their home’s needs.

When it comes time to select a certified roofing contractor to take care of your roof replacement, it is vital to do your homework.

Many contractors out there say they are experts in anything and everything you might need for your home.  Some are siding contractors, gutter installers, and will try to build you a new deck.  We are roofers and will not pretend to be able to do every job your home may demand.  While we hope that Anchor Roofing L.L.C. is always your number one choice when it comes roofing and gutters, we want to make sure that you are able to make an informed decision. The following are some of the key recommendations for the criteria that you should be using to select a local roofing contractor.

Make Sure They Are Legitimate

Check for a permanent place of business,  local telephone number, tax I.D. number, plus a state or local business license indicating where they are able to perform the roofing work.  If they are established in the community they are much less likely to do bad business.  Fort Collins is a big city with a small town attitude and people that do bad business don’t usually last long.

Lower Isn’t Always Better

Don’t be fooled into hiring a low price bidder based on a lower cost alone! Your roof must last for many years and needs to be installed professionally by a roofing contractor who is committed to quality materials, quality workmanship and stellar reputation.

Make Sure It’s All Covered

Ask to see your roofing contractors general liability insurance coverage.  Check that its valid for the time frame that your roofing project work will be performed. Also be sure to read and understand the roofing contractors warranty.

Get A Point Of Contact

Get a written proposal for your roofing work to be done that clearly states the kind of work they intend to do, the materials intended to be used, approximate start and finish dates, and payment amounts and policies.

Get It In Writing

Ask about how your roofing work will be supervised, and how you can communicate with the contractor and the roofing crew, should any issues or questions come up. Be sure to know the name of the supervisor who will  be overseeing your roofing project and that you know how to reach them if needed.

Check Their Background

Look for a roofing contractor with a solid reputation for quality roofing work. Check references and reviews carefully and consider visiting completed job sites to see the work that was done and meet other homeowners if you are still unsure.

The Roofing Company with all Your Needs

No matter the need, we have you covered

Residential Roofing

Get roof repairs or replacement on your home. We always use the highest quality of materials to ensure we leave your roof better than new. 

Real Estate Inspections

We provide real estate inspections for free, with free roof certifications for qualifying roofs. If your roof needs work first, we make the repairs or replacement you need before you list your home. You can count on our no-money-down real estate roof inspections to make sure your roof is ready for the home sale! 

Commercial Roofing

Our commercial roofing services include regular maintenance, inspections, repairs, and replacement. Make sure your business is safe and secure with Anchor Roofing.  


With many roof replacements, there is damage or long term wear on the gutters around the entire house. When you partner with Anchor Roofing, we help you with repairing or your replacing your gutters in a timely manner

Insurance Claims

Working with your home insurance company through the claim process for a roof repair or replacement can be confusing. We are here to help you navigate the claims process.

Property Management Partners

Property Managers get hounded by roofers on a regular basis. However, most roofing companies aren't willing to be a reliable roof repair partner. We're the team for all your roofing needs, big or small.

One Project Manager Throughout the Entire Process

Have you ever been sold a service and felt buyer’s remorse throughout the entire process? In the roofing industry, that can be very common. We’ve found that the #1 reason this happens is because homeowners are usually passed around to 4-5 employees. All the while important information about your home is lost in translation, expectations are not met and another poor roofing experience is created. 

That is why we serve our homeowners with one Project Manager throughout the entire process. From the initial inspection to the final walkthrough, you will work with the same Project Manager. We run our roofing business the way we would personally like to be treated. We know you will appreciate the same level of service. 

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