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There are almost an infinite number of situations insurance agents have to navigate with roofing issues for their customers. 

Since insurance agents regularly connect with roofing companies, they’re constantly getting inundated to give roofers opportunities to replace their client’s roofs. As Colorado continues to become more and more saturated with roofing companies, it can become difficult for insurance companies to filter through all the noise and find a reliable roofing partner that will take care of all of their roofing needs. 

As our team continues to work with Insurance Agents throughout Colorado, we wanted to share a few reasons why insurance can have the confidence they need to trust our team to get the job done for their clients. 

Most of our insurance agent offices have a dedicated Project Manager serving them for all of their clients. This is significant because our agents know that when they call their project manager for any reason, they’re going to get the same level of service, expertise, and transparency every time. 

We also have a combined 40+ years of claim adjustment experience between our project managers. Since many of our project managers have come from the insurance space, we understand insurance. We don’t play pricing games with our agents and we help educate their homeowners to make sure they’re getting the full benefit of the coverage they’re providing.

With this experience behind us, we provide roofing certifications, roof repairs, and roof replacements at no charge to the insurance company. If you have a roofing need, our team will take care of it for you in the timeline you need it.

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With over 20 years of insurance adjustment experience in the state of Colorado, our Project Managers know a thing or two about accurately and truthfully detailing a proper damage report for roofs. We’ll make sure to notify the homeowner and let them know if their roof is claim worthy or in great condition. And since referring your customer to us means we act as an extension to your name, we’ll make sure to live up to your standard of care.

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