Here is a list of specifics you can expect during the roof replacement process

The re-roofing process involves lots of construction and can turn your home into a construction zone for a few days. However, it is a small price to pay for a safe and beautiful home. Here is important information to help you get ready for your home’s roofing project:

Before Construction

  • Our crew will use your driveway for delivering materials before and during the project. Please park your cars away from the house to avoid getting stuck in the garage.
  • Depending on the size of your project, there will be constant hammering for one or more days. Whether we are dealing with metal roofing, or any other type of roofing material, the process can get loud. Get ready for a little noise and remove breakable items from walls and shelves—it is possible the vibrations could cause them to fall.
  • Falling debris can cause injury and damage, so keep children and animals away from the worksite and move outdoor furniture and plants away from the house.
  • Don’t run your sprinkler the night before or during roof construction.
  • If your attic or garage doesn’t have an interior ceiling, be sure to cover important items in those areas. Rotted decking that has to be removed may cause debris to fall in the attic.

During Construction

  • Hammering vibrations may activate your alarm system, so make sure to disarm it.
  • Unlock gates around the house to allow for easier debris removal.
  • The crew needs access to water and electricity, either through electrical plugs or an extension cord running from inside the house or the garage.
  • Walk through the construction area carefully and don’t drive on the driveway.
  • Be careful when entering or leaving your home, as debris may fall from the roof.

After Construction

  • Roofing systems consist of more than just shingles, which means that there are a lot of building materials used throughout the process. Our magnets may miss a nail, so be on the lookout for any spare materials. Clean and freshly trimmed lawns clean up quicker and better than yards with tall grass and trees.
  • Visually check that your gas furnace and water heater vent pipes didn’t get disconnected from the construction vibration. Vent pipes run through the attic and the roof, so you must check from the outside of the house.
  • We try to clean up as best we can, but mishaps still happen in construction. Immediately contact our office at 970-690-1020 if there are any problems at any step in the process.