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Commercial Roofing Services for Northern Colorado

At Anchor Roofing LLC we are proud to serve the Northern Colorado Business Community for their Commercial Roofing needs- flat roofs, metal roofs, tile roofs and architectural shingles. Choosing the right commercial roofing company can be a difficult process and we believe that you deserve the best experience possible. At Anchor Roofing LLC we provide the highest quality work through a trouble-free experience. 

Comprehensive Roofing Projection Report

Every Commercial Roof has different needs, timelines, and objectives. That’s why we’ve created our Comprehensive Roofing Projection Report outlining:

  • Date-stamped assessment of general roof conditions
  • 5-year timeline report detailing the most urgent needs to be completed, along with the areas that can wait 3-5 years before replacement
  • Full replacement needs compared to simple roofing repairs
  • An honest assessment with realistic & competitive pricing options

One Project Manager Throughout the Entire Process

Have you ever been sold a service and felt buyer’s remorse throughout the entire process? In the roofing industry, that can be very common. We’ve found that the #1 reason this happens is because homeowners are usually passed around to 4-5 employees. All the while important information about your home is lost in translation, expectations are not met and another poor roofing experience is created. 

That is why we serve our homeowners with one Project Manager throughout the entire process. From the initial inspection to the final walkthrough, you will work with the same Project Manager. We run our roofing business the way we would personally like to be treated. We know you will appreciate the same level of service. 

Why Choose Anchor?

  • We prioritize educating you about your roof with an honest assessment and game plan
  • On insurance claims, if our estimate comes in higher than what the the insurance company will pay, we will match the insurance company’s estimate
  • From the roof inspection to the final walk through, you will have one project manager for the duration of the roof replacement
  • We own our own supply trucks, so we are able to schedule jobs quickly for clients without being subject to a 1-2 month wait time
  • If the roof inspected is in great condition, we will complete a roofing certification up to 5 years on the commercial property for FREE

Anchor Roofing, LLC wants you to have the best, most affordable roof for the life of your commercial building. Contact us today at (970) 690-1020 to schedule a free inspection.

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