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At Anchor Roofing LLC, we pride ourselves in serving the Northern Colorado Business Community for their Commercial Roofing Needs. Choosing the right commercial roofing company can be a difficult process, and we believe that you deserve the best experience possible. At Anchor Roofing LLC, we provide the highest quality work through a trouble-free experience. 

Types of Commercial Roofs 

  • Tarn gravel roof system: A tarn gravel roof system is a base layer with rocks on top and metal trim on the edge of the building to keep the rocks in place. If there are areas where the rocks have moved away and the base layer is showing through, areas where water repeatedly pools and sits, or leakage, then your tarn gravel roof system needs a comprehensive assessment.Commercial Roofing Fort Collins
  • Flat roof: Flat roofs with different types of spray foam applications. While the application itself isn’t an issue, you need to be aware of the warning signs of the application beginning to fail. Warning signs include cracking and shrinkage in the foam, the foam beginning to pull away from accessories or flashings, and the foam absorbing or saturating significant amounts of rainwater into the roof.
  • Modified or rolled roofing application: 3-foot-wide rolls of granulated sheets. These a very similar to roofing shingles seen on most residential roofs, but there are no tabs or variation of style and form – just a standard roll of sheet. It is typically installed with heat and mopping style tar. Indicators that it needs to be repaired or replaced include thermal cracking, heat blisters, and any type of shrinkage or deterioration of tar or mastic at the seams or edges.
  • EPDM: These commercial roofs look like a black rubber membrane. If your commercial roof is black, there is a good chance that it is EDPM. Main issues of concern would be cracking in the membrane, bubbling, deterioration in the corners, or water buildup.
  • TPO: These commercial roofs look like a plastic based membrane. Most white roofs are TPO. Main issues of concern include cracking in the membrane, bubbling, deterioration in the corners, or water buildup. TPO is very similar to the EPDM application.

While these are the most widely used roofing applications when it comes to commercial buildings, there are other types such as metal roofing. Our team is happy to come out and clarify which roofing application you have on your commercial building at no charge!

The Anchor Commercial Roofing Difference

Certified Trainers

We are certified trainers through the Colorado Roofing Association. This certification was completed through a workshop to properly understand correct applications of the install. While many roofers claim nonchalantly that they can complete roof replacements on flat commercial roofs, the majority of them have not been certified. Our certification is priceless and gives peace of mind to our commercial building partners. 

We educate you on your new roof 

Not only do we provide the most cost-effective, high-quality commercial roofing experience in Northern Colorado; we also set a high priority in educating you about your commercial roof. We will not just set up shop, replace the roof, and leave. By the time we’ve completed the roof replacement for your building, one of our certified trainers will help you understand how to assess the health of your newly installed roof for decades to come!

Comprehensive Roofing Projection Report

Every Commercial Roofing Repair or Replacement has different needs, timeline, and objectives. That’s why we’ve created our Comprehensive Roofing Projection Report outlining:

  • Date-stamped assessment of general roof conditions
  • 5-year timeline report detailing the most urgent needs to be completed on your own along with the areas that can wait 3-5 years before replacement.
  • Full replacement needs compared to simple roofing repairs
  • An honest assessment with realistic & competitive pricing options.

Zero Contact Service Guarantee

We understand that respecting a homeowner’s property and personal space in 2020 doesn’t always come as a given. That’s why we’ve developed our Zero Contact Service guarantee. Our Zero Contact Service will ensure that from the initial inspection to our final walkthrough, you will feel confident that we will took care of your roof replacement professionally while making your family feel safe and comfortable through the entire process.

Why Choose Anchor?

  • We prioritize educating you about your roof
  • If the estimate comes in above what the the adjuster files, we will match the insurance company’s estimate
  • From the roof inspection to the final walk through, you will have 1 project manager for the duration of the roof replacement
  • We own our own supply trucks, so we are able to schedule jobs quickly for clients without being subject to a 1-2 month wait time
  • If the roof inspected is in great condition, we will complete a roofing certification up to 5 years on the commercial property for FREE


Anchor Roofing LLC is the most respected commercial roofing contractor in Northern Colorado. We want you to have the best, most affordable roof for the life of your commercial building, whether it comes from us or from somewhere else. Contact us today at (970) 690-1020 to schedule a free inspection.

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