How we Price Your Roofing Claim


Learn more about the Xactimate pricing program used to work up your roofing claim

When your insurance company writes up a claim, it most likely uses Xactimate. This popular construction pricing program is the system of choice for almost every major insurance company and provides a price list that is regularly updated with the cost of items in different regions of the country.

Xactimate makes it easy for contractors and insurance adjusters to communicate because they are pulling prices and information from the same source. When both the contractor and the adjuster use Xactimate, comparing estimates is much easier and differences can be put aside quickly by consulting Xactimate. Because the prices are almost always in agreement with each other, the differences between the two parties almost always come down to differences in quantity.

Large weather events, like the spring of 2012, mean that many more claims than normal are submitted and claims adjusters with no knowledge of the area come in from around the country to assist with the workload. Xactimate is incredibly useful in these situations because it puts everyone on an even playing field. If your roofing contractor doesn’t use Xactimate, your job could be undervalued by an adjuster from out of state.

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With over 20 years of insurance adjustment experience in the state of Colorado, our Project Managers know a thing or two about accurately and truthfully detailing a proper damage report for roofs. We’ll make sure to notify the homeowner and let them know if their roof is claim worthy or in great condition. And since referring your customer to us means we act as an extension to your name, we’ll make sure to live up to your standard of care.

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