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Founded in 1882 Timnath, Colorado has been a proudly independent community for more than a century and a quarter. One of the fastest growing towns in Colorado over the last decade, Timnath finds itself nestled just southeast of Fort Collins. Due to its prime location and idyllic mountain vibe, it is likely that Timnath will continue to see growth throughout the 20’s and 30’s of this century.


Located on a small bluff east of the Cache La Poudre river, Timnath is historically an agricultural town and as such has attracted a strong, independent breed of citizens. Timnath, Colorado is known for valuing and encouraging the artistic expression of its residents, whether it be through county initiatives aimed at increasing space for display, or through iconic art self-installations like the Swetsville Zoo.


With hard work and forethought, Timnath has been able to get ahead of the town’s impending expansion with a plan to help the town continue to grow as a center for the arts, music, and craft food. Of course, with expansion comes construction and when you need a local business to turn to for your roofing needs, Anchor Roofing LLC is there. 


Whether you are looking for an inspection or maintenance on an existing structure, or a quote on a home you are looking to build, Anchor Roofing LLC is staffed by your friends and neighbors, and they are always happy to discuss your options free of charge. Oftentimes when an economy is booming, out-of-town companies come in and offer cut-rate prices. Unfortunately it often turns out they do cut-rate work, and by the time you realize they ripped you off, they have moved out of town and changed their name. Anchor Roofing is owned and operated by Coloradans, and they will be here for you if you ever have any issues with your roof down the road. 


Roofing contractors are professional businesses that offer roofing services. While a quick search of “roofers near me” or “roofing contractors near me” will turn up dozens of options, how do you know which roofer is the best? No one wants to hire a good roofer, they want to hire a great roofer. Just because a business is one of the largest roofing companies doesn’t mean they are the best or that they care about your personal needs.

So how do you pick the best roofer? The first thing to do is to verify your roofer. While some will simply do this with a search of AngiesList.com or some other website, the best roofing companies will be able to provide you with references that you can verify directly.

There are numerous roofing contractor directories available online to help you find a recommended roofer, but there is nothing that stands stronger than a local, long-standing company with positive reviews in your community.

Anchor Roofing LLC is made up of people that live and work in Larimer County. Often national companies will come through, set up shop and build hundreds of roofs – then they “pick up their shingle” so to speak and move on, leaving you with a worthless warranty and a shoddy roofing job. Anchor Roofing LLC is here to stay, and always gives you the best, most long-lasting quality of work.

Anchor Roofing LLC installs and repairs all types of roofs:

  • Clay Tile
  • Concrete Tile
  • Metal Roofing
  • Shingles
  • Wood Shingles
  • Flat Roofing

No matter your needs, whether you are looking for a “metal roofing contractor near me,” or the highest quality wood shingling for your home, Anchor Roofing LLC can do the job right, and do it in a timely fashion.

Did you know that some roofing companies finance? If you are looking for roofing work or repair contact Anchor Roofing LLC and let us use our years of expertise to guide you to the financial model that is best for you.

Property Management Partners

Having to deal with roof replacements for Property Management companies never happens at a convenient time. Whether you need to replace one roof, all of your properties’ roofs, or knock out a handful of nagging repairs, our Project Managers have you covered. We’ll make sure to give you a point of contact for all of your needs. No matter how big or small the request, your Project Manager will make sure your properties’ needs are taken care of on your time.ba

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