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Anchor Roofing LLC Project Manager Profile:

Anchor Roofing LLC Project Manager Joel McQueen

Joel McQueen​

Project Manager



Serving: Greeley, Longmont, Loveland, And Northern Colorado

What got you into the roofing industry?

After 14 years of working as an insurance adjuster, I felt helpless to help Homeowners who were getting taken advantage of by all the storm chaser, door knocker, roofing companies.  They would get below par workmanship and cheaper materials so the roofer could profit more than they should.  With Anchor Roofing, this was never the case when I would work with them when I was an adjuster.  They made the process easy for the homeowner and for the adjuster.  They gave superior service, workmanship and products on every claim.  When given the opportunity to leave the insurance business, I wanted to continue to help Homeowners, and I felt there was no better company than Anchor Roofing to leave a 14 year carrier for.  In this job I am able to help homeowners navigate the confusing world of insurance, and deliver on everything I promise, and deliver a superior roof and customer service.

In your own words, what is the Anchor Roofing Difference?

I believe the Anchor Roofing Difference is integrity, organization, communication and honesty.  Roofing is not rocket science, Anchor does what is right, quickly and efficiently, and with honesty, care and superior communication.

What do you love about your job?

What I love about my job is helping people navigate  through a huge financial situation.  I love explaining different materials, how the process works, and taking that burden off the homeowner.  I just love hearing from homeowners after the roof is completed, say,” That was so easy and quick, I never thought it could be like this, as my prior experience was horrible.”  I love being the change I wished I saw in this industry when I was an insurance adjuster.

What takes up your time outside of Anchor Roofing?

Family.  Taking time out to spend with my wife, son and two daughters.  I love to help, when I can, take my daughters to dance class.  Hanging with my son, teaching him to drive and hear about his day and how out of touch I am with teenagers lingo and social media trends.  Just hanging out with my wife and doing what I can to help her with whatever she needs.  This job allows me to make time for family when I need to. As a family we love taking trips up to Breckenridge so the kids can ski and snowboard.  It is great to have that time away together.

What advice would you give to someone trying to determine a roofer for their roof replacement?

A good roofer should be able to navigate the insurance lingo in terms that help the homeowner understand how it all works.  A trusted roofer should be able to complete work for the insurance adjusted amount, unless there are some huge missed items that are code related and Insurance would need to adjust for that.  A trusted roofer knows how to talk and help the insurance company with whatever they need to complete all paperwork or changes needed.  A trusted roofer should be able to give a homeowner a free upgrade to an impact resistant shingle with no extra cost to the home owner.  A trusted roofer should be able to schedule, install and clean up your property after an install to the point you never knew they were there.  A trusted roofer should be able to do all this outside of insurance if need be. 

A trusted roofer should be able to do repairs when a replacement is not warranted. 

Work with Joel Throughout the Entire Process

Have you ever been sold a service and felt buyer’s remorse throughout the entire process? In the roofing industry, that can be very common. And we’ve found that the #1 reason this happens is because homeowners are usually passed from the sales rep, to an account manager, and to another account manager (in some cases 4 to 5 employees!). All the while important information about your home is lost in translation, expectations are not met, and another poor roofing experience is created.

That’s why Joel will be your one Project Manager throughout the entire processFrom the initial inspection to the final walkthrough, you will work only with Joel. We run our roofing business the way we would personally liked to be treated. And we know you will appreciate the same level of service.

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