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North of Denver at the base of the front range, sits one of the most unique cities in Colorado, a home rule municipality named Greeley. Founded as an attempt at a Utopian society and bearing the name of newspaperman Horace Greeley, the town has drawn those who feel the call “Go west young man” for over 150 years.

The most populous municipality in Weld County, Greeley has a long history of economic stability. Consistently ranked by Forbes and other economic publications as one of the best cities to own or start a business in, Greeley truly is a wonderful place to work and live.

Home to the Union Colony Civic Center, one of the largest and most well-known venues in Colorado, and boasting the University of Northern Colorado, Greeley is a hub of industry, culture and art. As the first city in America to have a city-paid art commissioner, Greeley continues to promote and commission all sorts of public art for its residents.

Of course, no matter how safe and lovely of a place to live as Greeley is, there are some specific challenges that come with living in the largest city in Colorado not accessible by the interstate. Despite receiving less precipitation than many of the areas around it due to a geographic anomaly, life on the front range is never easy on houses and buildings. 

The rugged nature of where we live, the constant wind coming off of the rocky mountains, and the bleaching Colorado sun all represent long term threats to the comfort of your home and the roof of your house. Whether you need a small section of roof repair, a little bit of upkeep, or a new roof entirely, Anchor Roofing LLC is the name that residents of Greeley, Colorado have grown to know and trust.

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One Project Manager - From Start to Finish

Ping-ponging back and forth from roofer to roofer can cause confusion, poor communication, and can even prevent great results. You need someone to walk with you throughout the roofing process, from inspection to diagnosis to repair/replacement to the final walkthrough. 

With Anchor Roofing, you receive one dedicated project manager that’s with you from beginning to end. Your project manager will be an expert in roofing, customer service, insurance claims, regulations, and more. They ensure a seamless, streamlined flow through every step of your roof care, providing you with peace of mind and a strong, high-quality roof.

Anchor Roofing LLC is made up of people that live and work in Larimer County. Often national companies will come through, set up shop and build hundreds of roofs – then they “pick up their shingle” so to speak and move on, leaving you with a worthless warranty and a shoddy roofing job. Anchor Roofing LLC is here to stay, and always gives you the best, most long-lasting quality of work.


Whatever your roofing need is, we have you covered

Residential Roofing

Get roof repairs or replacement on your home. We always use the highest quality of materials to ensure we leave your roof better than new. 

Roof Repairs

We have found Greeley homeowners have a hard time finding a reliable roofing partner willing to show up and do small (but essential) job with roof repairs. If you need a reliable roofer to help with any roof repair (big or small), we're the team for you.

Commercial Roofing

Our commercial roofing services include regular maintenance, investigations, repairs, and replacement. Make sure your business is safe and secure with Anchor Roofing.  

Real Estate Agent Partners

Anchor Roofing takes pride in our partnerships with Real Estate Agents, Brokers, and Commercial Realtors all over Northern Colorado. This means when you have roofing requests for your clients, we take care of them right away. This goes beyond just roof replacements. In order to insure your customers receive the best service, we make sure to do inspections, 5-year roofing certifications, and shingle certifications for free.

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