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our roof warrantyTen Year Labor Warranty

We provide all of our customers with a ten-year, transferable labor warranty, which includes our guarantee that the roofing tiles or shingles won’t have defects that could cause leakage or a loss of singles. If an issue is to arise with your materials, Anchor Roofing will supply complimentary labor to fix the problem within three days of the problem being discovered.

Roofing is exposed to many elements, so Anchor Roofing isn’t liable for structural damage that comes from normal wear and tear such as damage from ice, wind, wind, hailstorms, foreign objects, or acts of God. Similarly, fungus, mold, infestation, UV degradation, rust, or metal or wood corrosion isn’t included in the warranty.

A warranty from Anchor Roofing supersedes all other warranties for the materials or duration of what is agreed in the contract. Anchor Roofing isn’t responsible for any incidental, consequential, or special damages to the form, including damage to any repairs not authorized or performed by Anchor Roofing.

In order to take advantage of our service guarantee, the Anchor Roofing contract must be paid in full, after which time the homeowner will receive a warranty certificate. When the certificate is presented to an Anchor Roofing representative, workers will respond within seven working days, weather permitting.

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