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Impact Resistant Shingles

Impact resistant shingles can save on insurance premiums! Here’s how:

Impact Resistant Shingle Upgrade

We have partnered with several local Insurance Agents and Real Estate Professionals that truly care about their clients.  For their customers and referrals we offer a free upgrade to Impact Resistant Shingles with a Class 4 rating.  They know that this is a huge benefit to their customers and your investment.  Upgrading to Impact Resistant Shingles can save on homeowners insurance anywhere from 15% to 23%.  This upgrade helps you and your insurance agent with a greatly reduced chance of future claims.  It also can add to the resale of your home in price and desirability.  Depending on shingle choice and manufacture, upgrading to Impact Resistant Shingles can usually cost an additional 25% on top of the standard shingles.  If your agent is not currently in our network, they can quickly be added before your project begins.

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