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10 Warning Signs You Need a New Roof

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What message is your old roof sending you about necessary maintenance and repair? And what are the warning signs you should be on the lookout for to tell you that it is time to get a new roof for your house? For the majority of homeowners they know the obvious – a roof needs replacement if a leak appears in their ceilings. But what you might not know is there are several other tell-tale signs that your roof might need to be replaced.

Here are 10 of the signs:

  1. Age of your roof. If your roof has already served you for over 20 years, start preparing to replace it. According to experts, most asphalt shingle roofs last for up to 25 years.
  2. Condition of the shingles. If the shingles are buckling or curled, take this as a sign that you need to do away with your old roof. Check the areas of your roof that usually receive direct sunlight. Are the shingles curling? Are they losing granules? If yes, it is time to call your roofing experts.
  3. Roof valleys. Change your roof if you notice that your roof valleys have been compromised. Roof valleys ensure proper flow of rainwater and snow to the gutter. A problem with your roof valleys is the clearest sign that your house might start leaking in the next rainy season or when the snow starts to fall.
  4. Missing shingles. Missing shingles are a major defect in your roof. If your shingles are failing, your roof is failing. Unless the missing shingles are as a result of poor workmanship, consider replacing your entire roof if you find your roof has some missing shingles.
  5. Chimney flashing. Get concerned when your chimney starts flashing. Check the flashing to see if it contains roof tar or cement. If it does, replace it with a chimney flashing system made of metal.
  6. Gutters have shingle granules. Roofs that have passed their life expectancy lose a lot of granules. Change your roof if your gutter is filling up with shingle granules.
  7. Roof boards allowing daylight to come through. Are the roof-boards in your attic allowing daylight to pass through? Outside light should not show through your roof.
  8. Signs of mold, rot, or moisture. Check your roof’s exterior to see if there are parts of your roof that are retaining moisture, where mold has formed or rot has taken place.
  9. Trails and dark spots on your ceiling. Before your ceiling starts to leak, some trails and dark spots will more often than not, first appear. You can avoid major damage if you act when this happens.
  10. Loose material around pipes. Go on your roof and make a visual inspection. See if there are loose materials around pipes, vents, and chimneys.

Of course, the most effective way to determine if your roof might have some problems that are less noticeable is by contacting a roofing contractor. You can never tell when your old roof will give in to pressure due to old age. Avoid roof troubles by hiring Anchor Roofing and taking advantage of our established expertise.

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